4XEM Fiber USB Type-C Cable 4K@60HZ 21.6 Gbps

4XEM Fiber USB Type-C Cable 4K@60HZ 21.6 Gbps

If your current devices lack the power to display a sharp and high quality video resolution, 4XEM’s Fiber USB Type-C cable is the answer to your problems. With a resolution capability of up to 4K@60Hz, this cable is an ideal device to substantially improve any compatible video or audio displays you own. Easy to use and available in multiple length options, the USB-C cable provides a wide variety of benefits.

Features of 4XEM’s Fiber USB Type-C Cable

  • Supports 1080p, and up to 4K@60Hz video transport
  • Standard USB-C plug
  • Reversible USB-C cables increase ease of use
  • Plug and play use
  • 21.8 Gbps bandwidth
  • Comes with numerous length options, including 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M, 30M, 35M, 40M, 45M and 50M
  • Does NOT support data transmission, ONLY audio and video


Exceptional Video Resolution

The Fiber USB Type-C cable supports a video resolution of 1080p, and can reach as high as 4K@60Hz video transport. This can greatly improve the video quality of your devices, and provides a great deal of benefits to your current video tech. The video displays of your films and game consoles can become far more vibrant and clear with the upgrades that the USB-C cable provides. The added power and quality is great for creating your own home theatre, or improving the visual performance of any video game you play. If presentations are needed for your job, the superior visuals on your screens will be a great asset for conferences or client meetings.

High Speed Performance

With a bandwidth running as high as 21.8 Gbps, the Fiber USB-C cable serves as a simple and effective solution to slower and outdated video cables and devices. High speed video has never been so easy to obtain, with the cables requiring no external power to work at full capacity. Everything you need to greatly improve the quality of your video speed is built into the cable. All you need to do is plug it in. While the Fiber USB-C cable only supports audio and video (not data transmission), it is optimized to perform those functions as efficiently and consistently as possible.

Easy to Use

The USB-C Male connectors are built to be accessible and easy to use. The cables are completely reversible, meaning there is no wrong way to connect them. This removes any of the frustration that previous cables could cause from being connected incorrectly. The USB-C connector is an industry standard, compatible with many laptops and smartphones. This compatibility makes it easy to find a device that your Fiber USB-C cable can connect to.

Multiple Cable Lengths

Whether you need a longer or shorter cable, 4XEM can provide a USB Type-C fiber cable that meets those needs. Lengths range from 10M to 50M and everything in between, giving you a variety of choices. Shorter cables are easier to move around and carry with you, while preventing hazards such as tripping or tangling that longer cords could cause. Longer cables can connect to devices further away, which keeps all your USB-C compatible devices from being condensed into one small space. There are benefits to each cable length, and 4XEM can help you find the cable (or cables) that work best for you.