Why You Need to Upgrade to a 4K Webcam

Why You Need Upgrade to a 4K Webcam
With the popularity of video conferencing growing across the world, whether it be for team meetings or securing a deal halfway around the world, you should think about upgrading to a higher quality 4K webcam compared to the built-in one on your laptop. In this blog, we will outline a few of the many benefits you will see when you purchase a new webcam for both personal and business uses.

Provides Flexibility

This benefit is two-fold: the first is that webcams are extremely portable, so you can take your device to and from work if you are a hybrid worker. A lot of companies use desktop computers in the office which usually don’t have a built-in webcam, so it only makes sense to purchase one for yourself if you are an employee or buy a few for your team if you are a manager. The second benefit is literal flexibility. 4XEM’s 4K 8 Mega Pixel Webcam can be easily adjusted to hit any angle you want. With your laptop’s camera, you can only move it up or down; and if you need to type on your laptop, you can’t move it back, making it hard to keep your face in frame without it looking like you are too close to the camera. The 4K camera can move in all directions, plus it has a 5-foot USB cable, which allows you to frame yourself properly and professionally. Finally, it features a soft clamp so that you can place it on any monitor or stand without the risk of creating marks or scratches.

Flexible webcam

Higher Video Quality

Upgrading to a portable 4K webcam provides consistent quality for your video conferences when you do transition between your home and the office. There is a major quality discrepancy when you use a 4K webcam one day and then use a 720p one the next. If you have an important virtual business meeting that you need to dress up for, you will look a lot better in 4K! Another aspect that your new webcam can fix is the color of your video. Have you noticed that your laptop camera sometimes transmits a slightly blue tone? Depending on your setting and lighting, your laptop webcam may not be able to white balance properly. To ensure that your video always looks professional, 4XEM’s 4K webcam features an automatic white balance and automatic exposure to provide a true color image.

Better Audio Quality

Having high quality video is a must-have, but without good quality audio, it kind of defeats the purpose. 4XEM took that into account by installing an integrated microphone in our webcams to ensure your audio quality matches your video quality. The mics are extremely reliable and have noise suppression to help reduce any noises that are going on in your home or office. Are you ready to take your video conferencing into the next generation? Take a look at our line of high-quality webcams that will make you look and sound amazing during your next meeting!