Why Do I Need an Audio Cable Splitter?

Why Do I Need an Audio Cable Splitter?

Audio cable splitters are often overlooked in an office environment, but they can be a versatile and convenient tool that every employee can utilize. Whether there are two employees who need to be on the same call in the same office or if you need to plug in an external microphone but have no port, there are many reasons why every office should have an audio cable splitter. Before we get into more benefits of an audio cable splitter, let’s briefly go through what they are exactly.

What is An Audio Cable Splitter?

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An audio cable splitter is a tool that is used to connect multiple headphones to the same audio source at the same time. They can also be used to connect a microphone if the device you are using doesn’t have a separate mic jack. There are different types of audio cable splitters available, some can support more than one extra pair of headphones while others can be used to mix music. The audio cable splitters we offer at 4XEM are more catered to business and personal use.

How Does an Audio Cable Splitter Function?

An audio cable is essentially an adapter that transfers sound from a device to the headphones that are plugged in. The quality of the sound will not be affected when multiple headphones are in use. Think of it like a fork in a river; the primary stream provides the same amount of water to the two paths. When you plug in a microphone, the audio cable provides a path to the computer if the computer itself does not have a microphone jack.

What are the Benefits of an Audio Cable Splitter?

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to having an audio cable splitter, but in this blog, we will just focus on the ones you will see in an office environment or for personal use.

More convenient meetings

With many meetings in the corporate world becoming virtual, employees are now participating in them from their desks. If you have a few employees who need to attend the meeting, having an audio cable splitter will allow them to be in the meeting without distracting others around them.

The ability to Plug in a Microphone

If your computer doesn’t feature a microphone jack, all you need is an audio cable splitter to plug one in. You can also plug it in to your phone if it features a 3.5mm jack. The best part about our audio cable splitters is that they are very affordable and won’t break the bank when you are looking for a simple solution to your audio problem.

Easy to Travel with

An audio cable splitter is great to travel with if you are traveling with family, friends or a colleague and want to watch or listen to the same media at the same time. Simply put on a movie, TV show or album on your laptop, plug in the audio cable splitter and your headphones. This will also allow you to have more room as you won’t have to cram together to share the same pair of headphones.

4XEM Solves your Audio Splitting Problem

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to split audio to multiple pairs of headphones? 4XEM is here to solve your problem! Browse our selection of audio cable splitters to find the perfect one for your needs.


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