Top Travel Docking Stations

Best travel docking stations

Docking stations are an immensely useful way to upgrade your work or home space. Connecting a dock is one of the easiest ways to charge and sync multiple devices, boost their power, or improve data transferring capabilities. While all of these features are helpful, it can sometimes be difficult to have this set up for people who keep their devices connected to their homes or offices. In these situations, portable docks can be a huge benefit. 4XEM provides docks that are built for travel and offer the user portability without sacrificing power. If you need a fully functioning docking station to take wherever you go, 4XEM’s travel docking stations are an easy and effective solution.

Which Travel Docking Station Should I Choose?

4XEM offers numerous options for Travel Docks, each with its own unique functions and accessories. Below is a more comprehensive list of the features and benefits that each travel docking station product has, so you can find the one that best suits your needs:


4XEM Multi-Port Travel Docking Station for MacBook Pro

Travel docking stations


  • Thunderbolt 3 port and USB-C port included
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • HDMI port with up to 4K@30Hz video resolution
  • Comes with built-in SD/Micro card reader
  • Small and compact size, ideal for travel
  • Delivers data transfer up to 5Gbps
  • Transfers data over USB at up to 5Gbps speeds


Multiple Functions

If you’re a MacBook owner that is always on the go and lacks multiple port access, 4XEM’s Multi-Port Travel Dock is perfect for you. It can charge your MacBook, provide storage, charging, video output and accommodate any other necessary needs so your experience stays seamless no matter where in the world you are. Bundled with a Thunderbolt 3 port, USB-C port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 4k HDMI, and an SD/Micro card reader, the Multi-Port Docking Station effortlessly provides a wide variety of accessories in one simple and easy to use product. This high functionality will give you plenty of uses for your docking station, and its small size means you can utilize these features anywhere you go.


At a 5.24-inch length and 2.12 oz. weight, this compact Multi-Port Docking Station has been designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing you to work with your laptop wherever you may be. The powerful features it provides means that whether you’re sitting in a coffee shop or at the office, your Mac will have all the same functions available. Despite its small and compact size, the portability of the dock will not hinder your productivity. The 5Gbps speed allows you to transfer data effectively while on the go, while the powerful charging capabilities keep your MacBook fully functional at all times. If you have struggled to find a portable device that matches the power and performance you’re used to at home, 4XEM’s Multi-Port Docking Station is your solution.

High Quality Streaming

With the ability to stream videos in 4K through a fully compatible HDMI port and 5K through an equally compatible Thunderbolt 3 port, the Multi-Port Docking Station gives you easy access to high quality streaming while traveling. With this compact and easy to carry travel dock, you get the same video quality as you would at home. This makes it easy to watch movies while on vacation, stream high quality video for a work presentation or play games on a high definition screen. Whether you’re going on vacation or traveling for work, you won’t miss out on high quality video streaming with 4XEM’s Multi-Port Docking Station.

4XEM’s USB-C Travel Mini Dock

USB-C Travel Mini Dock


  • A unique and thin aluminum design
  • Mini Dock is small and compact, useful for traveling
  • Build in one HDMI V1.4 via USB3.1 (VESA Alternate Mode)
  • Video output supports a max resolution of up to 4K@30Hz
  • Two USB-A ports extended USB3.0 (5Gbps) data transferring, backward USB2.0 compliance
  • One USB-C port supports a USB Power Delivery maximum of 60 watts’ upstream power charging to PC or a device USB3.0 data transferring.
  • Minimum from 5-10 watts of power supplied to downstream devices (this depends on a different power rating of Type-C PD power adapter)
  • Build in Billboard function
  • Combo built in individual R/W USB3.0 SD and Micro SD Card Reader. Support SD V1.0/ v1.1/ v2.0/ V3.01 and V5.0, SDHC/ SDXC (2TB max capacity)


Portability and Utility

4XEM’s USB-C Travel Mini Dock is perfect for people who need multiple ports but lack the space for multiple devices. Despite its very small size, the Mini Dock holds two USB 3.0-A Hub ports and one USB port that can upstream power charging or data transferring. If you travel for work, the Mini Dock is an immense convenience that holds a great amount of ports and utility in a small device. Even if you work from home, the numerous functions of this dock will save you the money and effort of buying additional docks. A perfect mix of portability, power and convenience, 4XEM’s Mini Dock provides so much in one small package.

4K Support

With its support of an HDMI USB3.1 VESA Alt. Mode port, the USB-C Mini Dock is able to present dual UHD 4K displays. This is made possible through the cable’s compatibility with a video output support max of 4K resolution. The convenient size and portability of the dock does not dilute its video capabilities. If you travel for work or want to stream videos or games while on vacation, the Mini Dock will give you access to high quality 4K displays anywhere you go. 4XEM’s Mini Dock gives you all the benefits of a portable video streaming device with none of the limitations that often come from smaller docks.

Built-in Accessories

Along with its basic functions, the Mini Dock comes with many additional features. A built in SD card reader makes your dock compatible with any SD card, further increasing the docks utility. Also built into the dock is a billboard function that provides support details even people unfamiliar with tech can easily follow. These added accessories give your docking station even more use and convenience while on the go.

High Quality Design

Not only does the Mini Dock benefit from its portability, it also sports an innovative design that many Apple fans have praised. The dock’s slim shape makes it easy to carry around, while the aluminum surface makes it durable and resistant to damage. If your job requires frequently moving from one place to another, the Mini Dock will be an effective and reliable device to bring with you.


4XEM’s Deluxe USB-C Travel Mini Dock with 100W PD

Deluxe USB-C Travel Mini Dock with 100W PD


  • Unique and slim aluminum design Mini Dock (handy for traveling)
  • Build in one HDMI V1.4 via USB3.1 (VESA Alternate Mode)
  • Video output supports a max resolution up to 4K@30Hz
  • One USB-A ports extends up to USB3.0 (5Gbps) data transferring, backward USB2.0 compliance
  • One USB-A 2.0 ports provide more USB peripherals expansion for PC computer
  • One USB-C port supports USB Power Delivery of 100 watts at maximum and upstream power charging to PC
  • Build in Billboard function
  • Combo built in individual R/W USB3.0 SD and Micro SD Card Reader. Supports SD V1.0/ v1.1/ v2.0/ V3.01 and V5.0, SDHC/ SDXC (2TB max capacity).
  • One RJ45 port for Gigabit Ethernet


Great Utility

Sporting a HDMI USB3.1 VESA Alt. Mode port for video resolution, 1 USB3.0-A Hub, 1 USB2.0-A Hub and 1 USB-C for upstream power charging, 4XEM’s Deluxe USB-C Travel Mini Dock offers the user a tremendous amount of utility and features in one small device. Combine that with a micro SD card reader and Gigabit Ethernet port, and you have a device with so many accessories that it can replace many of your older, less diverse devices. Not only is this convenient, but it saves the money you would spend on products that perform only one of the many functions that the USB-C Travel Dock is capable of.


The Travel Mini Dock’s unique and slim design makes it a great choice to bring with you while traveling. The aluminum cover of the dock makes it sturdy and durable against wear, great for carrying in a small bag. Oftentimes a smaller device means less power, but this is not the case with the Mini Dock. One of the docking station’s USB ports can support a USB Power Delivery of up to 100 Watts, making it a more than capable device for upstream power charging. If your job often requires working outside of the main office, this portable yet powerful dock will be a huge asset. The Travel Mini Dock offers all the benefits of a portable docking station with none of the drawbacks.

High Video Quality

With its built-in HDMI V1.4 via USB3.1 port, the Travel Mini Dock can support a video output resolution of up to 4K@30Hz. This allows you to utilize high quality video even when on vacation or on the go at work. Having a high resolution video device in your pocket is great for streaming a film or playing a game while on vacation. If traveling is a large part of your job, the portable video display is great for business presentations to clients across different locations. With the USB-C Travel Mini Dock, you are no longer limited to large, non-portable devices for high quality video displays.