Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Computer Accessory Guide to Holiday Traveling

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Computer Accessory Guide to Holiday Traveling

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon! In just over a week, you will be sharing stories, food and good times with family and friends. That is the fun part, the less fun part is the actual holiday traveling time you need to do if you are flying or driving a long distance to visit your loved ones. To take some of the stress out of your travel time (unfortunately, we cannot help clear delays at the airport or traffic on the highway!), we have created this guide on the best computer and mobile accessories you should pack on your upcoming trip.

Traveling by Plane or Train

For long distance traveling, you may want to do some work or watch something on your laptop or phone to pass the time. Here are a few accessories you should pack to help keep you connected and charged at all times.

Charging Kit

When traveling a long distance, packing light is key. Keep your long charging cable and bulky adapter at home. At 4XEM, we carry compact charging kits for each popular mobile device, including Google Pixel, Samsung, Apple and Kindle.

Audio Splitter Cable

If you are traveling with another person, getting an audio splitter cable is a great idea if you want to watch a show or movie together. Both parties will be able to use their own headphones and you won’t have to huddle together as you would if you shared one pair of headphones.

Bluetooth headphones

For those traveling alone, getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones will clear more space and you are able to listen to media on your phone while it’s charging. Bluetooth headphones are common so you will be able to find a pair that will fit your budget.

Traveling by Car

Would you rather hit the open road to get to your Thanksgiving party? Make sure you are well equipped in case of an emergency! Here are a few items you should take on your upcoming road trip.

Car Charger Adapter

If your vehicle doesn’t have a USB plug, getting a car charger adapter will help keep your device charged up during your drive. Simply plug it into your auxiliary power outlet then plug in your phone, it’s that easy! Keeping your phone charged helps when you are listening to a podcast or using your phone as a GPS so that you can comfortably get to your destination.

Phone Mount

Always keep your eyes on the road when you are driving! Having a phone mount will help you better check when to turn next or accept an incoming call rather than looking down to check your phone. Find one that works best for your car’s model so that it’s not fully in your field of vision.

Power Adapter

If the weather is nice, you may want to take a hike or just spend a lot of time outside. Ensure your devices are always charged to capture breathtaking pictures and videos by bringing a portable power adapter. At 4XEM, we offer high-quality portable power adapters and solar-charged power adapters to keep you connected while on the go!

Solve your Holiday Traveling Problems with 4XEM

No matter how you choose to get to your Thanksgiving party, be equipped for your holiday traveling with high-quality products from 4XEM! Once you are at the party, make sure to put your phones away and connect with the people you are sharing time with. Happy Thanksgiving!

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