Essential Gaming Gear for Casual Gamers

Essential Gaming Gear for Casual Gamers

Whether you are getting into video games yourself or looking for a gift for a casual gamer in your life, there are a few items that are essential to get the maximum enjoyment out of video games. A casual gamer is somebody who plays video games occasionally throughout the week, and they can play video games on their phone, console, or PC. Keep reading to learn about the essential gear you need as a casual gamer without breaking the bank.

HDMI Cable

8K HDMI Cable for Sale

An HDMI cable is a common cable that attaches the console or PC to a TV/monitor. While most HDMI cables look the same, there are many differences between them all. There are cables that can transmit images in 1080p, 4K and 8K. They also come in different lengths for when the console is further away from the TV. At 4XEM, we carry a wide range of HDMI cables that range from 3 feet to 100 feet. For a casual gamer, we recommend a cable that is at most 10 feet long.

High-quality Monitor

To go along with the HDMI cable, having a high-quality monitor will help provide a clearer picture and be better for your eyes. If you like eye-popping graphics and colors, look for a TV or monitor that supports 8K definition. On the other hand, a 1080P monitor will suit the needs of people who want to immerse themselves in the gameplay rather than the graphics.

Wireless Mouse + Keyboard

For those who want to relax while gaming on their PC, a wireless mouse and keyboard are perfect as they allow you to play from anywhere in a room. People can now connect their PC to their TV, so they can play games while sitting on a couch or recliner.

Video Capture Card

A video capture card is a perfect gift for anybody looking to try their hand at streaming their video game content. All you need to do is plug the video capture card into the console (Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox, etc.) then connect it to a PC or Mac through an HDMI cable. From there, you can stream the video game on Twitch or YouTube, or you can save the footage to create highlights.

Charging Kit

For the mobile gamer in your life, make sure their phone is always charged with a high-quality charging kit that is compatible with their device. Some charging cables are also compatible with controllers; for example, the Nintendo Switch pro controller can be charged with a USB-C charging cable. If they like to play games on the road, getting them a mobile solar charger will keep them in the game all day long!

Ethernet Cable

Don’t let lag from a bad Wi-Fi connection ruin your gaming experience. Hardwire directly to your modem with a lightning fast Cat5e Ethernet cable. Most PCs and new generation consoles come with an Ethernet jack installed, but if it doesn’t have one, you can purchase an adapter for an affordable price.

4XEM Solves Your Gaming Gear Problem

At 4XEM, we offer high-quality gaming peripherals and accessories to satisfy any type of gamer. If you have any questions about products or solutions to your problem, feel free to connect with us through email or our live chat located at the bottom right of your screen!

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