4XEM New Product: GaN Chargers

4XEM New Product: GaN Chargers
Our phones have become more than just communication devices. We use them to look up information, send emails across the world, play games on our downtime, and get some work done when something urgent arises. With the amount of time we spend on our phones, they inevitably run out of battery at a quicker pace. To keep up with this demand, we need a way to charge our phones faster and more efficiently. That is where GaN charging comes into play! 

What Are GaN Chargers? 

Traditional wall chargers are made from silicon while GaN wall chargers are made using gallium nitride. This material has an overall advantage over silicon as it’s smaller and more energy efficient. It also has the ability to charge a device faster than a silicon model charger.   

What Makes GaN a Better Option Compared to Traditional Chargers? 

Efficient charging comes from the materials used to construct a wall charger. Silicon is a fine and trusty material that has been used for many years, but as you know in the tech world we don’t strive for “good enough.” The evolution of technology allows us to explore new and exciting ways to perform simple but important tasks. To achieve a faster and more reliable charge, manufacturers have introduced gallium nitride as their main material to build new chargers. GaN is a semiconductor material and is better at conducting electricity compared to silicon, making it more powerful without getting hot.  

Advantages of GaN Charging 

Are you still undecided about making the switch to GaN charging? Here are a few of the many advantages you will see when you upgrade your device charging system! 

Fastest Charging Around 

If you want your devices to charge faster, you need the proper equipment. A GaN charger has the ability to charge a mobile phone three times as fast as a traditional silicon charger. If you need to charge your phone quickly for an important call, GaN is the way to go! 

Does Not Overheat 

Don’t worry about your charger becoming too hot while in use. GaN chargers were designed to remain cool even when it’s charging a phone rapidly. They also have a built-in feature that stops a phone or tablet from overcharging. 

More Energy Efficient 

Every little bit counts when it comes to consuming energy. An added bonus to GaN charging is that it uses less energy than traditional chargers, allowing you to save just a little bit of money every time you charge a device. 

Easy to Travel With 

GaN chargers are typically smaller than silicon ones, meaning you can easily take them anywhere without taking up a lot of room. They are also perfect to use on trips to get a fast charge on a plane or train.  

Solve Your Charging Problems with 4XEM 

Are you looking for a faster and more reliable way to charge your devices? Look no further than the newest technology on the market, GaN charging! Fully charge a phone in under an hour or a tablet in just under two hours. Browse our shop to see the types of GaN chargers we currently offer or reach out to us with any questions you may have!  

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