Gift Ideas for New Employees

Gift Ideas for New Employees

As we start a new year, some companies will look to expand their current team or introduce new departments to help them grow in 2023. Hiring new employees is an exciting process for everybody involved; your team gets to evolve by bringing in more experienced people, and your new team members get to jump into new and exciting roles.

To provide your new employees with the warmest of welcomes, it can be a good idea to gift them with some essential equipment to get them to hit the ground running. The following are just a few employee gift ideas that we have tried in the past, but feel free to get creative and get gifts that suit your industry!

Office Supplies

Before a new employee starts, outfit their workstation with office supplies. This could be as simple as a notebook, a few pens, a stapler, and some highlighters, or as extravagant as a new phone charging kit or wireless earphones. The goal of these gifts is to ensure that each new employee has everything they need to start fresh in their new role. It can be stressful for new employees to realize they needed to bring something with them for their first day but not knowing until they arrive.

Work-From-Home Supplies

USB-C Docking Station

If you do have a hybrid work environment, you can include some equipment in your welcoming package that would be good for both the physical office and their work-from-home office.

If an employee needs two screens to get work done more efficiently, consider gifting them a second monitor with the appropriate connecting cable (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI or VGA). Depending on the type of company you run, it could be a good idea to upgrade your entire office to a laptop model instead of desktops to allow for a better transition in a hybrid schedule.

A docking station is another great idea for the hybrid worker. This device allows you to plug and unplug USB-A cables, USB-C cables, SD cards, HDMI cables and Ethernet cables from your computer with ease.

Branded Apparel

The best way to make sure a new employee feels like they are a part of the team is to provide them with branded apparel! Provide everyday items like shirts/sweaters, pop-sockets, phone cases, golf balls, pens, water bottles, etc. that they can use outside of the office as well. Having branded apparel that employees are excited to use/wear outside of work hours is also a great tool for free advertising when they are out and about!

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