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4XEM’s 8K/4K 1M USB-C to DisplayPort Cable with Power Delivery


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4XEM’s 8K/4K 1M USB-C to DisplayPort Cable with Power Delivery

4XEM’s USB-C to DisplayPort cables offer the great ability to connect your USB-C devices to you HDMI displays. Such USB-C devices can include new models of the Lenovo laptops, ChromeBook, various mobile phones and even new gaming consoles. Your USB-C port must support DP-Alt mode for a proper connection. Supporting stunning 8K and 4K video resolution the cable allows you to stream the highest quality displays possible from your laptop or other video source. With fast uncompressed bandwidth the cable is able to keep refresh rates high, maintaining a constant smooth video stream.

In addition to the great video quality, this cable also brings amazing Power delivery charging capabilities to your devices. Charge your laptop while also stream high quality 8K video, two amazing functions with one cable. Plug and play set-up means your connection between USB-C and DisplayPort devices can be ready in seconds. Get 8K quality video quickly and reliably from 4XEM’s USB-C to DisplayPort cables.

Problem it solves: Gain 8K and 4K video resolution while easily connecting your USB-C and DisplayPort devices.



  • USB-C male connector
  • DisplayPort male connector
  • DP-Alt mode support required
  • USB-C female port—for PD input
  • 100W of Power Delivery
  • Supports 8K
  • Supports 4K
  • Unidirectional display connection
  • 32.4 Gbps max uncompressed bandwidth
  • 1 meter/ 3.28 feet in length



Warranty Information Warranty 1 Year
Hardware Operating Mode Passive
Chip ID Via Labs – VL103
Direction Unidirectional
Industry Standards DisplayPort 1.4a
DisplayPort 1.4a Alt-Mode
Power Delivery PD 3.0
Connector(s) Connector A (Source) USB Type-C – Male
Connector B (Display) DisplayPort – Male
USB Type-C – Female (PD Input)
Performance Max Uncompressed Bandwidth HBR3 – 32.40Gbps/25.92Gbps
Power Power Delivery Up to 100W Pass-through
Physical Characteristics Colour Black/Grey
Connector Style Straight
Cable Jacket Type PVC – Poly-Vinyl Chloride
Cable OD 0.21 in [5.3 mm]
Cable Length 3.28 ft [1.0 m]
Weight of Product 2.12 oz [60 g]
Packaging Information Package Type Poly-bag
Package Height 8.19 in [208 mm]
Package Width 5.83 in [148 mm]
Package Length 0.78 in [19 mm]
Shipping (Package) Weight 2.47 oz [70 g]
What’s in the Box Included in Package 1x 1m USB-C to DisplayPort Cable
Notes System Requirements An available USB Type-C port that supports DP Alt-Mode is required.
Notes USB Type-C PD Power Supply NOT Included
This cable is Unidirectional.  It will only function when connecting a USB-C video source to a DisplayPort display.
* Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Weights and measurements are approximate.

1 year warranty with lifetime support