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4XEM Network Cable Crimping Tool


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4XEM Networking Cable Crimping Tool For Cat5e/Cat6 RJ45

4XEM’s Network Cable Crimping Tool is ideal as a durable Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6 cutter and crimper. This modular plug termination tool cuts and crimps CAT5 RJ45 as well as RJ11 and RJ12 connectors. It also works as a cable cutter and jacket stripper. Quality build.


• Comfortable handle

• Fast and easy terminations

• Strong build quality

• Red

• Networking solution


Warranty Warranty Lifetime
General Information Active or Passive cable: N/A
Chip ID: N/A
Direction: N/A
Connector Plating: Black
Number of Conductors: N/A
Bandwidth: N/A
Physical Information Connector A: RJ45 Crimper
Product Length: 10.5 in
Product Width: 4.2 in
Product Height: 1.2 in
Product Weight: 11.2 oz
Color: Red
Connector Style: N/A
Connector Shielding: N/A
Packaging Information Package Height: 1.3 in
Package Width: 4.5 in
Package Length: 10 in 10 in
What’s in the box? Included in Package: 1x RJ4511 Crimper


Lifetime warranty with lifetime support