How Do I Get The IP Address Of My Vivotek Camera?


At first you can use our Installation Wizard to get the IP address of our products and connect to them and you can download it at

Installation Wizard

 If it doesn't work, you have to refer the following.

  1. Your Network environment has DHCP service:
    • Please restore your camera to factory default settings first, and then use Installation Wizard to find its IP address.
  2. Your Network environment does not have DHCP service:
    1. If you are using 2000, 3000, 6000 series and IP7137 / IP7135 / PT7137 / PT7135 cameras, Please follow the under steps:
      1. Restore your camera to factory default settings.
      2. Connect your camera to your PC directly by a cross-over line directly. If you do not have a cross-over line, please refer to the following picture to connect your camera to PC:
      3. Set IP address of your PC to be
      4. Power on your camera.
      5. Open an Internet Explorer and type to connect the camera.
      • If you are using our new product such as IP7138 / IP7139 / FD7131 / VS7100... etc, no matter your network environment is what, you can always find the camera by Installation Wizard II with the IP address 169.254.x.y.
      • And then, please double click the camera found by Installation Wizard II or directly type the IP address to your Internet Explorer URL box to access your camera (you do not need to change your PC's IP address). After access your camera, please go to "Network" page to configure proper network settings.