How Do I Get My Vivotek Camera Live On My Website?


The easier method is to embed the camera's plug-in into your website and this method only works on Internet Explorer.

Because each series camera has different plug-in, please choose the correct sample for your camera.

The following are the HTML samples, you can click one to download it.

Please modify the content of the sample HTML to your settings. Thanks!

Because the Internet Explorer does not support this command and Firefox does not support plug-in, If you want to add your username and password into the command as http://root:password@ to avoid authentication when receiving streaming, the following is the alternative solution for 6000, 7000 and 8000 series cameras.

  • 6000 Series: The following is the steps
    1. Upgrade your camera to the latest firmware. 
    2. Using Browser to send the URL command (http:///cgi-bin/admin/setparam.cgi?security.directmedia=1) to the camera. This command can set the parmeter as 1 to enable it.When it is enabled,you can get streaming and single snapshot without authorization.
    3. Using a download application(ex.flashget or etc...) to download the link:http:/// . After you get the file,please put it on your HTTP server.
    4. Afterward,you can use the following sample HTML code to meet your requirement.

      The IP address and are just example.
      Please change to the public IP address of your HTTP server.
      Please change to the public IP address of your Camera.
      After entered correct value,please try it.
  • 7000 & 8000 Series
    1. Because it uses standard RTSP protocol, we provide a sample HTML by using Quicktime Player to view the streaming without any authorization.
    2. Please view the MPEG4 streaming instead of Motion-JPEG from the camera and disable the RTSP authentication in the Network Page of the camera.
    3. Sample (IE & Firefox)
    4. But there are some restrictions when using quicktime. If your client is behined the NAT, you should change one setting on quicktime player. Please refer to  Quicktime.pdf

The other method is using our HighProfile SDK to integrate our cameras into your website. Please find the information from SDK

After you install the VitaminDecoder.exe, you can find the VitaminCtrl HTML sample in the folder.(Default folder as C:\Program Files\Vivotek\VitaminCtrl\cab)