4XEM’s Thunderbolt 3 8K Dual DisplayPort Adapter

4XEM’s Thunderbolt 3 8K Dual DisplayPort Adapter

The 4XEM Thunderbolt 3 8K Dual DisplayPort Adapter offers a great deal of power at a small and energy efficient size. With just a single cable, the adapter can connect to large high resolution monitors or multiple monitors at the same time. The Thunderbolt Adapter achieves what very few single ports can, reaching a maximum output of up to 8K at 30hz. That’s double the screen size compared to a 4K monitor.

For gaming users, the adapter supports a dual Full HD display at 114 Hz output. For business users, the adapter also supports dual 4K resolution at 60Hz output. No matter what your needs are, the Thunderbolt Adapter will fulfill them. Here are some additional benefits that come with using this adapter:


Oftentimes powerful devices come at the expense of a large amount of energy. Powerful adapters are useful but can also be a drain on your resources. This is not the case with the Dual DisplayPort Adapter. The adapter is small and compact without sacrificing the resolution or quality of your monitor screens. This allows you to continue working productively without worrying about draining the battery from your laptop or other devices.

Rather than taking energy from your laptop, the adapter can be used alongside it to increase your productivity. This also allows you to connect monitors with high powered resolution or multiple monitors at once while remaining energy efficient. To ensure efficiency, the Thunderbolt 3 comes with a 2-year warranty with lifetime support. If you have any issues with your adapter, 4XEM will help you solve the problem or replace the product.


The ability of the adapter to support a wide variety of resolutions and devices gives you many opportunities to find use for it. If you need multiple monitors to perform many tasks at once, the adapter can accommodate those needs with its dual 4K resolution support. This is a huge benefit for people with demanding jobs that require constant multitasking. Whether you need to keep track of multiple spreadsheets, keep your email open for updates or watch a video and make edits at the same time, having dual screens will make those tasks far easier.

If you need a high resolution screen for a presentation or board meeting, the adapter also supports 8K resolution for large monitors. If your interests are in high quality video game performance, a Full HD display from the Thunderbolt Adapter gives you the best resolution, refresh rate and color reproduction available from such a small device. These features will provide the immersive experience people want from their games.


Having access to dual 4K resolution monitors with just a small adapter is great for people who want to save space in their desk or work area. If every monitor needed its own adapter, that would take up far more space and be more expensive for the user. With the Thunderbolt 8K Dual DisplayPort Adapter, you can fulfill all of your display and monitor needs with just one device.

Having a small, portable device with easy access to 8K resolution is an ideal choice for people who travel for work and frequently need to give presentations for clients. All you need to take on the go is one monitor and one adapter. Whether you travel or work from home, the ease and simplicity of the Thunderbolt Adapter will greatly streamline your work experience.