4XEM Inc.

About Us

Our History

Our mandate of solving problems runs deep here at 4XEM, it is in our DNA. We started in 2004, were we lead a surveillance industry revolution by supplying IP cameras and video-over-IP solutions across North America. In 2012 we expanded with 4XEM branded networking, connectivity and digital lifestyle gear for the home user and professional. We have always looked for more problems to solve.

Looking Forward

Whether it was in 2004 or today, 4XEM has stood for high quality products and as a platform for technological support. Our objective also remains the same – provide high quality products designed to solve technology problems in the home, office and server room. 4XEM seeks to make everything function seamlessly, so you can focus on creating your best work or so you can simply enjoy a digital lifestyle. All of which, we do as a proudly North American Brand with industry leading pricing and technical support.

Available nationwide, 4XEM is known for its high performance, premium quality build and durability. See our list of retailers & distributors for where to buy & find out how 4XEM can solve your problem today.