4XEM Inc.

About Us

Why 4XEM?


Since our inception, our mission has been simple – solving your technology problems by providing tailored connectivity hardware accessories. We understand that technology is much more than a luxury… it is integrated in our daily lives. This is why we strive to make everything function seamlessly, so you can stay focused on creating your best work and digital lifestyle.


Our History

 Founded in 2004, 4XEM began as a leader in the surveillance industry revolution supplying IP cameras across North America. In 2012, we expanded our business to connectivity products, hardware accessories, and digital lifestyle gear for home and professional users.

We now strive towards recognizing and supplying the latest connectivity and IT products to support the ever-growing digital world. By focusing on the needs  of our customers we now supply over 700 unique products with no sign of slowing down.

Available nationwide, 4XEM is known for its high performance, premium quality build and durability. See our list of retailers & distributors for where to buy & find out how 4XEM can solve your problem today.