About 4XEM

4XEM stands for high quality technology products that provide solutions for the modern business and home. We aim to be always available when you need us and always for a great price.

Solving problems is in our company's DNA. When we started out in 2004, we led a surveillance industry revolution by supplying IP cameras and video-over-IP solutions across North America. We knew IP surveillance was the future, offering a cost efficient and superior option for businesses that previously found security surveillance to be unaffordable. 

4XEM expanded in 2012 with 4XEM branded networking, connectivity and digital lifestyle gear for the home user and pro. Our objective remains the same — provide high quality products designed to solve technology problems in the home, office and server room. 4XEM makes everything function seamlessly, so you can focus on creating your best work or simply enjoying your digital lifestyle. A proudly North American Brand with industry leading technical support.

Available nation wide, 4XEM gear is industry respected for its high performance, premium quality build and durability. See our list of retailers & distributors for where to buy & find out how 4XEM can solve your problem today. 

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