4XEM Inc.

4XEM’s Start to 2021

It has been an amazing yet busy start to 2021 with no end in sight.


2021 here at 4XEM has been a great start to a year. Being able to stay busy and plan for the future is a blessing in the world we still find ourselves in.

There has been a lot to do in these short months here at the start of 2021. This update will lay out what we have been working on and future initiatives to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Update 1– products

We have introduced new HDMI Extenders and other products!

One of the largest, or perhaps one of the most time consuming, projects for the first months of the year have been adding new products to our catalogue.

This is a project that we will always be undertaking. Versatility in what we offer is a major advantage for us as a business and in the start of 2021 we added to this versatility.

The majority of products added at the start of 2021 are products that should improve any network, whether it is at home or at the professional level. Between our new line of Bulk cable, HDMI extenders and zip ties 4XEM has made a push to help our customers upgrade their stations and keep them organized.

Keep an eye out for other future products coming throughout the year from 4XEM.

Update 2– new emailing/messaging strategies through internal discovery

While we have been working towards more immediate goals, like upgrading our product catalogue, looking forward and planning for growth is always a huge part of any business strategy.

A massive initiative that we have started here at 4XEM is to discover what we need to do or say to promote our brand recognition. We believe that our products are at the best level they can be. What 4XEM needs next is to let the world know that. But what does that look like? How do we communicate that as efficiently as possible? Those are the questions we are deeply trying answer and discover what they 4XEM version would look like.

Look forward to future messaging from us, that is going to paint the best possible picture of our company.

Update 3– new hire

A very exciting area of growth for 4XEM is an expanding team. We have a new team member starting this month and we are very excited for what their skills can add to our business.

Being able to bring on new people is really something special, especially today. We are very thankful for where 4XEM is and beyond excited for the growth we are able to continue.

Update 4– chaos continues next week

As mentioned earlier we have added a sizable slate of products to our catalogue. We had to move very quickly to upload all of the necessary information to our platforms and now, in the coming days, we now have to work to get the physical products ready and stocked.

Exciting times are also usually busy times and that is the case here at 4XEM.

Thank you for taking some time to keep up with us at 4XEM, look forward to future updates.

Thanks again,

The 4XEM Marketing Team