4XEM Inc.

4XEM’s Slim USB-C Dual 4K Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery


The 4XEM’s Slim USB-C Dual 4K Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery is a dual purpose device that charges and displays your laptop at the same time. Though the slim dock is not compatible with USB-C Gen 1 ports, it does support USB Power Delivery. This allows you both power and charge your laptop through the USB-C port directly. Laptop charging power can reach up to 60-80 Watt at maximum, giving you an efficient way to keep your laptop charged while you work. Your DisplayPort and HDMI monitors can easily connect to the USB Type-C connector, due to its compatibility with the Duel 4K Universal Docking Station.


  • USB3.1 Type-C and Standard-A connectors are both compatible with Type-C Laptop
  • 100Watt Power Adapter supports 60Watt upstream Laptop Charging, and 40Watt power for all downstream devices
  • Build in USB 3.0 GPU, Plug and Display, both are certified by DisplayLink
  • 2 x DP++ (Dual Mode DP1.2) supports resolution at a max of (4K)4096 x 2160p6
  • Support resolution at 5k)5120 x 2880p60
  • Supports Mirror Video Mode and Extend
  • 5.1 Channel surround-sound comes through the Display Port interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet network has RJ-45 backward 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2.0 Audio Jack: Line-out for Earphone and Line-In for Jack Microphone
  • 4 Type-A USB, 3.0 5Gbps downstream ports
  • 2 Type-C USB, Gen1 5Gbps
  • 1 Type-A port placed at the front (supports BC1.2 fast charging to devices)



Having to constantly manage the battery on your laptop while working can be a huge interruption to your work, but it doesn’t have to be. The multiple ports that the 4XEM Slim dock offers allows you to keep the power charging in your laptop while working at full capacity with your monitor at the same time. For people with demanding work that need to stay productive at all times, this is an excellent choice for a docking station. This is also an ideal choice for people with jobs that require multitasking, as you can keep your focus on the work without worrying about your laptop losing power.


Keeping a clean and organized work space is one of the most effective ways to keep your tasks and schedule in order. Given the amount of technology and devices a modern job often requires, it can be difficult to keep everything clean and sorted. The 4XEM Slim reduces clutter by offering the user so many essential functions within one small and compact device. Along with the ease of having so many roles accomplished by one device, this also keeps your work space from being cluttered. This saves the time and effort of having to constantly clean your work space.


Having so many functions on one device also saves a lot of space, and is ideal for people who frequently travel for their job. Being able to charge your laptop while using it is perfect for people who work while on a plane or using transit. As long as you can access a power outlet, all you need is the 4XEM Slim and a laptop to work at full capacity just about anywhere. The USB ports charge battery just as well as any individual charger can. You no longer have to worry about remembering to bring a separate charger if you travel, and you save space in the bag or case you use to carry your devices.