4XEM Inc.

4XEM’s 65W USB-C 4K Dual Display Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery


The 4XEM’s 65W USB-C 4K Dual Display Universal Docking Station with Power Delivery is built for both power and convenience. Capable of connecting both 4K and 1080p resolutions through 2 USB ports, this docking station can suit any video quality needs you may have. It connects your laptop PC to dual HDMI displays, USB peripherals, monitors, internet and audio ports, giving you a wide variety of options all in one compact device. Along with these functions, the docking station can charge with its PD charging function when connected to a USB-C port. This allows you to have multiple devices connected while charging simultaneously.


  • USB3.1 Type-C and Standard-A connectors are both with the Type-C Laptop
  • The 100Watt Power Adapter supports 65Watt upstream and Laptop Power Delivery Charging
  • A built-in USB 3.0 GPU with a Plug and Display (certified by Silicon Motion)
  • Dual HDMI video ports, one supports 4K/30Hz output and the other supports 1080p display output
  • GPU build in “Content Adaptive Technology” which deceases CPU loading and Multiple HW decoders give video streaming faster performance
  • Hub with four USB3.0 USB-A to extend more USB connectivity and One port with built-in BC1.2 fast charging
  • 4-Pole Phone Jack which provides combo audio headset and microphone port
  • Gigabit Ethernet network with RJ-45 backward and 10/100 Ethernet
  • A Display Driver which is authorized by Microsoft Windows for driver auto-installation.
  • USB connection supports 65Watt power upstream charging to USB-C with Power Delivery Laptop Computer
  • USB-A cable connection does not support PD function

USB-C 4K Dual Display Universal Docking Station



Having access to so many devices in one small dock is one of the largest draws of the 65W USB. With a choice of video resolutions and audio ports that can connect to headphones or a microphone, 4XEM’s 65W USB allows many options for personal customization. Whether you need a portable docking station for traveling or want to keep your laptop and full charge while you work, this docking station provides convenience for many users with their own unique needs.


The small size of the 65W USB docking station makes it easy to move around, making the dock an excellent choice for people who travel or frequently move locations to give presentations for clients. However, even if you never leave your home office, this docking station will still be of value to you. The dock is small enough to leave you plenty of space on your desk, and the amount of utility it provides means that you’ll never need to clutter your workspace with other devices. An uncluttered workspace and the streamlining of your devices into one power source will significantly simplify your work experience.


Along with a multi-port base, 65W USB-C 4K Dual Display Universal Docking Station stations are also compatible with numerous installed extensions such as a large screen display, external speakers, internet access, USB peripherals and USB charging. Purchasing this docking station saves you the effort to find compatible devices for each function. The 65W USB comes out of the box already compatible with these devices, and using them on the docking station is simple and straightforward. Having immediate access to all of these functions on such a small portable device makes them far more accessible for the user.