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4XEM’s 3-Port Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Multi-Monitor Hub

If you need multiple monitors for your job but don’t have enough ports to connect them all, this hub is an ideal solution. 4XEM’s 3-Port Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Multi-Monitor Hub provides up to three ports that can connect monitors to your primary laptop or computer through one central hub. With the 3-Port Mini DisplayPort, you can use three separate screens at once. This can greatly increase your productivity or give you more opportunities for gaming activities.

The DisplayPort hub supports both mirror and extended displays, giving you many options on how to utilize your screens to fit your needs. 4XEM’s Multi-Monitor Hub can expand your technology and working capabilities in many ways. For more detail about the Multi-Monitor Hub, here are some benefits to owning one:


3-Port Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Multi-Monitor HubDisplaying three screens simultaneously through the Multi-Monitor hub offers opportunities for productivity that were not possible before. If you have multiple tasks to complete at the same time, you can display and work on them through separate screens. Do you prefer to work while keeping your email open to keep track of updates? Multiple screens will make that far more convenient. If you have to view multiple spreadsheets, or watch and edit a video at the same time, this hub will make your work life much easier.

People with busy and demanding jobs that constantly need to multitask for their work will benefit greatly from this hub. You will no longer waste time opening and closing windows to view different screens when you can see up to three at once.


The Mini DisplayPort supports the ability to use both mirror and extend displays, giving you numerous options to make the most out of your monitors. Mirror display allows you to display the same image on each of your monitor screens. This can be useful for presentations with a large audience. You can project the image from multiple angles, allowing everyone to see your content. It is also a great option for group projects if you are working with multiple people on the same work assignment.

An Extended display can present all of your monitors as one large image. If you are publicly speaking for work at a large venue, this is a great way to ensure that everyone is able to see the screen. This is also effective for displaying a video or playing a game, as you get the widest projection possible. Your video and game display output will no longer be limited by using only one device when this hub allows you to combine multiple monitors into one.

Mini Portability

The small and compact size of the Multi-Monitor Hub, Mini DisplayPort connector and Micro USB power cable makes it easy for the device to fit into your home or work office layout. Having three monitors at your desk may take up space, but the central hub removes the need to buy separate adapters or ports for each individual hub. Not only does this save space, it saves money that additional hubs would cost.

The small size of the hub does not compromise its power as well, The Multi-Monitor Hub supports uncompressed video resolution up to 8K, as well as 4K Ultra HD video. With 4XEM’s Multi-Monitor Hub, you get the convenience of a small, compact hub with no loss of resolution or power.