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4XEM Weekly Blog #3

Welcome to the third 4XEM Weekly Update Blog.

We hope that the beginning of December has been good to everyone and that we are all able to have a wonderful start to the Holiday season. 4XEM is gearing up for what we hope to be an incredibly productive December. Here are a few of the things we have been working on:

Product updates:

From the Marketing team we have updated another string of products. This week we have worked on updating the information found on our line of Micro-HDMI to HDMI cables. This has been a focal point for the team. 4XEM offers a lot of products, a lot of solutions but some of the information found on these pages can be better. This is especially true with our legacy products, the products we have carried since year one. It is a huge under taking to update all of these products, look forward to finding out which products are updated on a weekly basis. You can check out the updates here.


We have made some updates to the website to improve how it looks on mobile. We will be monitoring how our website is presented on all formats, so always check in to see how we are improving our looks.

Upcoming Products:

Next week will be a busy one for products here at 4XEM. We will be receiving a brand new line of Docking stations that we will be racing to get put onto our site, as well as our partner sites. We will also be putting together some information on a product line, that can found currently on the website, our 4XEMPower series of chargers. Look forward to a post all about that series of products.

That is what we have to report for this week. A slightly less dense update post but a lot of work went into just these few updates.

As always thanks for taking the time to check in on us and look forward to future updates.

Thank you,

The 4XEM Marketing Team