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4XEM Weekly Blog #2

Good Morning and Welcome to 4XEM second update blog.

We at 4XEM would like to take a moment to wish all of our American customers and partners a happy Thanksgiving. Although, we are sure it was a different looking holiday this year, we hope all Americans were able to celebrate in some capacity and had a safe, fulfilling and joyous Thanksgiving.

On to this week’s updates:

Problem Solved Blog

In addition to the weekly update, we do still hope to enrich our blog with post that are designed to make our customers and partners more knowledgeable on tech related products. This blog, is all about 8K and how while it is still something of a future product it is something to be aware of as the market catches up to its technology. Check out our post here.

Seasonal Savings

Last week, we mentioned that we will be offering deals for the holidays. If you are one of our partners you hopefully have received our newsletter detailing all that we are offering. Be on the look out for a follow-up, winter themed newsletter with some additional offerings in the near future. If you are interested in what we are offering or missed out on the newsletter the first time send us an email here and we will be in touch.

Increased Email Activity

To work in conjunction with this update blog, this week we sent out an email blast to update customers and partners new and old about the changes we are making here at 4XEM. These will be more infrequent than the blog but we believe are still vital in our attempts to be more engaging. If you are interested in receiving our email updates or have any questions contact us here.

What we are working towards:

Social Media

In the coming weeks and months we at the marketing team are going to be really focusing on our social media presence. We know there needs to be a deft hand when dealing with social media, so do not expect to be overloaded with posts but we need to become more consistently active. That is what we strive to achieve here at the marketing team. Look forward to seeing 4XEM more consistently on all of our social media platforms.

That is what we have for this week. Thank you again for checking out this update blog. We at 4XEM really appreciate any time you spend with our site or social hubs. Keep a look out for future updates and as always feel free to reach out whenever you face a tech based issue.

Thanks again,

The 4XEM Marketing Team