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4XEM USB-C and USB-A 48W Fast Charging Quick Charge 3.0 Dual Wall Charger

The 4XEM USB-C and USB-A 48W Fast Charging Quick Charge 3.0 Dual Wall charger is compatible with all USB devices, making it a good choice for any phone or tablet out there. The power block of the chargers has a combined charging power of 48 watts, coming from a 30-watt USB-C female port and USB-A 18-watt female port. When paired with one of our USB-C cables, any of your mobile phones, tablets, or other devices can be powered up as quickly and effectively as possible. The dual wall charger allows multiple devices to be powered up simultaneously, and the easy accessibility of USB ports allows many options for compatible devices.


USB-C and USB-A 48W Dual Wall Charger

  • Support HiSilicon Fast Charging Protocol FCP, USB, PD, BC and AFC;
  • Dual ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously;
  • Built-in communication with voltage and current;
  • Accurate analysis of limited current output;
  • Over-current protection with built-in Auto-recovery;
  • Overload and over-voltage protection;
  • Short circuit protection with built-in Auto-recovery;
  • Over-temperature protection with built-in Auto-recovery;
  • Intelligent LED for PD charging;
  • Select precision electrical components with fire line version and imported fire plastic;
  • Small, portable and convenient to use.




With the ability to charge two devices at the same time, and the combined 48-watt charge that brings the devices to full power at a very high speed, the 4XEM USB-C and USB-A 48W Dual Wall Charger is a powerhouse of efficiency. People who need numerous devices for their jobs will benefit significantly by having two charging simultaneously. Even if you need more than two devices, the immense speed of the charge will allow you to keep them all powered up. For people who work in a fast-paced environment, the ability to keep all devices charged at once would remove the wasted time spent having to manage battery life constantly.


The small and compact size of the portable charger makes the quick charge and dual-port even more convenient. Charging multiple devices at the same time can be done anywhere with a portable charger. Whether you frequently travel for work or want to use your devices in transit, the portability of the charger makes it much easier to keep your devices powered up and running at total capacity at all times. Even for those who only work from home, the portable size frees up office space and saves the costs of buying additional chargers. The 4XEM Quick Charge also functions as a wall charger, adding extra value to its portability. Wherever you need to use your devices, all you need is a nearby power outlet to charge them fully.


The 4XEM Quick Charge also comes with many protective measures against potential risks. The over-current and short circuit protection come with a built-in auto-recovery to deal with any possible issues that could cause harm or damage to the charger or any connected devices. The dual wall charger is built with high-quality material making it durable and long-lasting. For people who often move around for work, you can comfortably carry the charger in a bag or case without the risk of damage or wear over time. If you have any issues with your purchase, 4XEM offers a 2-year warranty for any defective parts of the charger.