4XEM Inc.

4XEM 5000mAH Power Bank AC Portable Mobile Charger Combo

Offering both a mobile power bank and a wall charger in one device, 4XEM’s 5000mAH Power Bank AC Portable Mobile Charger Combo is a charger with a vast amount of utility. Compatible with almost all mobile devices and tablets, the portable charger’s UBC Type-C port can provide up to 15 watts of power and its USB Type-A up to 12 watts. When an AC plug is inserted into a socket, the two USB ports are automatically connected and ready to charge any devices with cables plugged in. Once the power bank has been fully charged, you can unplug it and take it with you charging your device as needed.


Power Bank AC Portable Mobile Charger Combo

  • Built in retractable AC plug, prevents the need for an additional wall charger.
  • USB Type-C and USB Type-A charging ports both included for the convenience of charging almost all mobile devices
  • Up to 3A/15W of power to the USB-C port
  • Up to 2.4A/12W of power to the USB-A port.
  • Powerful enough to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously with ease
  • Comes with protective measures against overcharge and over-discharge
  • Input and output over voltage protection
  • Output over both current protection and short circuit protection
  • Automatic power-off for safety
  • Intelligent LED battery indicators
  • Compliant with CE, FCC, UN38.3,DOE and UL




Having one charger that connects to two devices at the same time is an immense convenience for people that need to use multiple devices throughout daily tasks of their job, a dual port charger is a significant asset. Many modern jobs demand constant connectivity that requires a strong and consistent performance from all of your essential devices. Along with connecting multiple devices simultaneously, the high power of the charger ensures that your devices are fully charged at an efficient rate. This is a great option for people that work long hours and need their devices to stay fully functional even after work hours. The quick and multitasking charge of the Mobile Charger Combo makes the process of keeping your devices powered completely effortless.


Adding to the convenience is that a power bank and wall charger are available through a single device that is small, compact and easy to move around. A great option for people who are constantly on the go and require many mobile devices for their work. The wall charger of the Mobile Charger Combo is compatible with any nearby power outlet, giving you connectivity anywhere you go. Whether you are on transit, on vacation or at your home office, all you need is a wall outlet to keep your devices fully charged. Not only is this convenient, but it saves the cost of buying additional charging docks and accessories.


Built to protect against overcharge and discharge, the Power Bank AC Portable Mobile Charger Combo has many countermeasures against potential safety risks. The charger also comes with a function that automatically powers the device down if it’s left on, preventing an overcharge or short circuit. Despite the high amount of power that the charger uses to power your devices, protection from voltage, discharge and overcharge remains a priority. Higher power should not come at the expense of safety, and the Mobile Charger Combo is built with that in mind.