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4XEM’s 3-Port DP to HDMI Multi-Monitor Hub

If you are someone who likes to use more than one monitor at a time, the 4XEM 3-Port DP to HDMI Multi-Monitor Hub is an efficient solution for your multi-monitor setups. It connects up to three screens at the same time and offers a real time switching feature. Compatible with up to two DisplayPort monitors and a single HDMI port, the 3-Port Multi-Monitor Hub offers a wide variety of customization and uses. Displays are also easy to adjust with the option to mirror and extend monitors. Connect up to three devices in one convenient central hub with the 3-Port to HDMI Multi-Monitor Hub. For more detail on the product, here are three substantial benefits any user will gain from purchasing the device:


DP to HDMI Multi-Monitor HubThe Multi-Monitor Hub provides access to three screens from one hub. This removes the need to constantly switch between screens or purchase a separate hub for each monitor. This saves the cost of buying additional screens, while also giving you more screens to use at once. Multitasking is far more convenient with this hub. One screen can view a video while the other can take notes. Multiple projects can be viewed and worked on at the same time. You can keep up to date with emails, data or news updates on one screen while working on another. The options for increased productivity are endless with the Multi-Monitor Hub.

The hub also supports Ultra-wide displays, making text or video easier to see. This is a great benefit for people who have trouble reading smaller fonts. The large size of the screen is perfect for presentations in front of large audiences, ensuring that everyone in the crowd can see and understand your content. Having three screens with high quality displays offers many opportunities to the user that were not possible before.


Compatibility with mirror and extended displays gives you various options on how to customize the Multi-Monitor Hub technology for your own unique needs. Mirroring displays are ideal for seeing the same image from multiple monitors. This can be useful for presentations with a large audience that are seated from multiple angles, or for a group of people working on one project in the same space. If your phone or tablet supports screen mirroring, you can project the device on a larger screen, making it easier to see or to show others.

The Extended display turns your monitors into one video wall, projecting one large image through all screens. This is useful for projecting a large image or video to an audience, or playing a game on a big screen. The Multi-Monitor Hub supports up to 8K uncompressed video at 30Hz, giving you high quality resolution on multiple screens or a single large screen. This hub is an ideal choice for working, gaming, watching a video or presenting.


The ability to connect multiple monitors and project 8K resolution all comes from a small and compact hub. Having all monitors connected through one hub saves space that would be taken up by additional hubs for each monitor. Having only one hub saves money as well. The Multi-Monitor Hub’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry around for people who travel for work. Despite the small size, the hub is made of sturdy material. 4XEM offers a one-year warranty with lifetime support for the Multi-Monitor Hub. We guarantee your hub will be useful for a long time, and will quickly replace the item if you have any issues.